Dermelastic Stretch Mark & Scar Serum

dermelastic-stretch-scarStretch marks are bit long, small streaks, stripes or lines that cause on the skin and which differ in skin color from the surrounding skin. They are the result of a quick stretching of the skin and are extremely normal. Anyone can develop stretch marks, even though they tend to affect more women than men.

Stretch marks can be seen on body parts including the tummy, thighs, hips, breasts, upper arms, and lower back. This marks form in the middle layer of the skin. when there is a constant stretch, the layer tears, leaving stretch marks.

This type of scarring take place when the skin cannot bounce back after a period of intense growth, be that due to pregnancy, weight gain, or during sexual maturity. Stretch marks are usually a slightly red or purple shade to begin with, fading with time to silvery white lines that may or may not disappear.

Dermelastic stretch mark serum will give the solution for all kinds of stretch marks and scars.


  • Dermelastic  is tightening  the skin
  • Getting Rid Of Stretch Marks
  • Discoloration / Melasma
  • Get Rid Of Scars


  • For some person, very deep stretch marks  cannot get rid of completely but can only help in making them less visible.
  • COD (Cash on Delivery) option not available
  • We can get this from online

Dermelastic Stretch Mark & Scar Serum
Works great and get results fast....
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Works great and get results fast....

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