DermalMD’s Vaginal Tightening Serum

vaginaltightening-dermalmd1Vaginal tightening is the tightening of the pelvic muscles to bring or maintain the right degree of elasticity of the pelvic floor muscles. These muscles must be able to contract to maintain continence, and to relax allowing for urination and bowel movements, and in women, for sexual intercourse as well as for giving birth. They also support and protect the organs of the abdomen and hold the bladder in its proper place.

Most women are embarrassed of their need for vaginal tightening. Stresses such as aging, menopause, and childbirth can harm and loosen tissues in our most private regions. While this is not often spoke about, it is a very normal problem. Fortunately, there are scientifically proven ways to tighten vaginal tissues and restore healthy tone to these areas.

Vaginal looseness is often along with by dryness and a loss of pleasure in sexual activities. These symptoms occur together because they are caused by the same changes in skin. DermalMD’s Tightening Serum attacks the cellular changes that cause these unpleasant issues, restoring tight vaginal tissue that functions in a healthy way.


  • Amazing orgasms because of the tightened muscles
  • Stimulates cells to produce collagen, which gives a firm and youthful tone to the tissue
  • Moisturizes cells to create more smoothness and less discomfort
  • Supplies antioxidants and other nutrients that encourage healthy cell growth
  • Quicker stimulation during sex


  • Some of them does not like the scent
  • COD (Cash on Delivery) option is not available
  • It is available only online

DermalMD’s Vaginal Tightening Serum
It worked well! I used it every time before bedtime. For my age, it is a must have! Love so much!
9.4 Total Score
It Does Wonder!

It worked well! I used it every time before bedtime. For my age, it is a must have! Love so much!

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  1. Reply clemsy November 28, 2017 at 8:51 am

    After using it vaginal lips will look smaller and your vagina will be noticeably tighter.

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